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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 11:12 pm 
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Halo In-Game Name: Harbinge®
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® Homeworld Server: MAP PACK Download

Server Info


Server Name: ® Homeworld 24/7 - RealworldCE.com
Server IP: halosrv1.youroldgames.com:2318
Server Location: United States

Map Pack Download

You will need the maps contained in the Map Packs to play on the Homeworld Server.

The maps are packed to RAR-files. If you do not have a file archive program we suggest you download and install 7-Zip since it's free (there’s also a portable version). This can be used to easily extract maps from the RAR-file archives.

NOTE: Currently this is the Ex Raceworld Server Map Pack

Map Packs ready for downloading are listed below (click on the name to download the pack):

:download: Map Pack 1 Homeworld - Race Maps / 187 MB
Hillbilly Mudbog

Click on the map name to download it (Note: Classic maps are not listed):

Mongoose Point - http://realworldce.com/maps/mongoose-point

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/25screenshot00-37.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/31screenshot00-37.jpg

Hillbilly Mudbog - http://realworldce.com/maps/hillbilly-mudbog

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/72screenshot00-5.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/77screenshot00-4.jpg

Luigi Raceway V2 - http://realworldce.com/maps/luigi-raceway-v2

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/78screenshot00-2.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/90screenshot00-1.jpg

Prime C3 Race - http://realworldce.com/maps/prime-c3-race

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/16screenshot00-18.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/17screenshot00-17.jpg

Mystic Mod - http://realworldce.com/maps/mystic-mod

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/14screenshot00-25.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/15screenshot00-22.jpg

Lost Cove Race - http://realworldce.com/maps/lost-cove-race

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images//11screenshot00-35.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/12screenshot00-29.jpg

Equinox V2 - http://realworldce.com/maps/equinox-v2

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/9screenshot00-29.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/10screenshot00-22.jpg

Infinite Storm - http://realworldce.com/maps/infinite-storm

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/40screenshot00-2.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/41screenshot00-2.jpg

WPI Campus Map Race - http://realworldce.com/maps/wpi-campus-map-race

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/13screenshot00-17.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/14screenshot00-16.jpg

Gauntlet Race - http://realworldce.com/maps/gauntlet-race

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/20screenshot00-6.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/21screenshot00-6.jpg

Hypothermia Race - http://realworldce.com/maps/hypothermia-race

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/0screenshot00-35.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/1screenshot00-31.jpg

Outpost Rio Classic - http://realworldce.com/maps/outpost-rio-classic

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/ACFE.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/ACF10.jpg

The Narrows - http://realworldce.com/maps/the-narrows

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/2screenshot01814430.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/3screenshot01814530.jpg

Cliffhanger Final - http://realworldce.com/maps/cliffhanger-final

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/ACF96.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/cliffhanger.jpg

Camtrack Arena Race - http://realworldce.com/maps/camtrack-arena-race

http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/ACF8A.jpg http://www.realworldce.com/maps/images/Camtrackarena.jpg

Harbinge®: A Wise Oracle. Bringer of Wisdom and Doom. :uk:

- ἐν τούτῳ νίκα: In hoc signo vinces -

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