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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:39 am 
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® TeamSpeak 3 Voice Server - TS3


Voice Server Etiquette
  • Have fun and enjoy the benefits of TeamSpeak
  • Adjust your Mic volume relative to other users
  • Respect other Players
  • Occasional Swearing is allowed in moderation
  • Excessive use of Bad language is not tolerated
  • Verbal Abuse, Bullying or Harassment is not tolerated
  • Offensive Racial language is not tolerated
  • Disconnect if you Mic causes feedback Echo or other noise disturbance
  • Disconnect if you connection causes serious loss of quality for other users
  • Disconnect from the Voice Channel when leaving the Game Server

Failure to adhere to Voice Server Etiquette will lead to being Kicked or even Banned.

TeamSpeak 3 Voice Server - TS3 Connection


Web Server List Location Filter:
  • Country: OFF-LINE
  • Region: OFF-LINE
  • City: OFF-LINE
  • Server Name: Realworld Guild Voice Server

Direct Connect:
IP Address: OFF-LINE
Port: 9987
Nickname: Enter a Nickname
Passwords: [Leave Blank] - You do not need to enter any Passwords at the moment.

Available Channels:

  • LOBBY Voice Channel
  • REALWORLD Server Voice Channel
  • RACE ® Server Voice Channel
  • CLASSICWORLD Server Voice Channel
  • FAKEWORLD Server Voice Channel
  • SMALLWORLD Server Voice Channel
  • DREAMWORLD Server Voice Channel
  • OUTAWORLD Server Voice Channel
  • GUEST Voice Channel

You must have the TeamSpeak TS3 Client installed on your Machine to be able to join our TS3 Voice Server.

Select and download your appropriate Windows Machine Architecture 32 or 64 Bit:

:download: TeamSpeak3-Client-win32-3.0.16

:download: TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-3.0.16

Other Builds and Architectures (Mac OS X & Linux) TS3 Client 3.x can be download here:

Questions & Answers

  1. Why are there voice channels
    The're here so Game Players joining the ®ealworld Guild Game Servers can talk to other Players in Game

    Channels are Moderated by a Channel Admin, or a Channel Operator. Sometimes we're busy, or we might not see you right away. Please be patient with us.

  2. Why was I (Muted/Kicked/Banned)
    If you are being disruptive in any way, Channel Admins and Operators can stop you. If you are being rude, cursing, harassing others, playing music, have feed back coming through your mic, are making lewd sexual remarks then you will have your talk power removed. After a while we'll restore your talk to see if you have learned your lesson and can be respectful. If not you will be muted again. If you throw a temper tantrum in the chat area for being muted, we do have the ability to kick or ban you.

  3. What will get me kicked or banned
    Racism, Cursing tirades, inappropriate names, lewd sexual comments, harassing other people and recording other people, using voice changers. If we kick you, it's most likely for these reasons. If you are not smart enough to mend your ways, and keep it up, we can change the kick to a ban. Bans come in two flavors, permanent and timed, If your are lucky enough to only get a timed ban, then you really better learn your lesson, because server admins can only lift permanent bans, and they are too busy fixing bugs, to even look at the ban list.

  4. I got kicked, so I changed my name, and then I got kicked again
    Before we kick you, we add you to our Blocked Contacts. That means your unique id is flagged, you can change your name a hundred times. But when you log back in, you are bright red on our screen, if you try and hide, we'll kick you again. So it is very wise to not get yourself kicked in the first place.

    Oh and when we kick you, we put in a reason for kicking you, so everyone else will know, because it gets logged, and everyone can look at the log.

  5. How do I become a Channel Admin, or an Operator
    Channel Admins are given out sparingly. It's like that saying too many Chefs spoil the Broth. You have to be really trusted because Channel Admins have dangerous powers. Obviously, you'll be an Operator before you'll ever become a Channel Admin.

    To become an Operator, there are two ways, be in the right place at the right time, sometimes there are no Operators around.

    The second way, is to be on here a lot, be helpful and be responsible. That's what Operators are. If you do that, you will get noticed and someone will recommend you be an Operator.

    If you are here a lot, and don't cause problems, and are always friendly, this would also be the first stepping stone to becoming an Operator, it shows we can trust you to not make a fool of yourself.

    If you think after granting someone Channel Admin, or Operator status we can't shut them up, lol, we can, we can remove their voice privilege. Hopefully we will do a good job of who we grant Channel Admin, or an Operator to, so that's not really a problem.

  6. How do I loose Operator status
    If you are always kicking people for stupid reasons, then you'll probably loose the status. Don't just automatically kick, try muting the person to resolve the problem. Read the Etiquette and follow the reasons for kicking, if it's not on that list, then it's better to just mute them.

  7. What is a Server Admin
    Server Admins, are the people who set up this for you. They are busy debugging and testing this Servers configuration. If you see one let them know you appreciate the work they're doing.

  8. Final Point
    Everyone wants some kind of privilege, that first step is reading these Etiquette Rules.

    If you've gotten this far without skipping any of the rules. Then tell us that you're read and understood them. Once you do that, we can determine how well you can follow them. If you can't follow them, then the answer is NO you can't get that privilege. It's that simple.

Harbinge®: A Wise Oracle. Bringer of Wisdom and Doom. :uk:

- ἐν τούτῳ νίκα: In hoc signo vinces -

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