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Halo In-Game Name: sanni
Realworld Community Tournament Rules
Summer 2011



This tournament will feature a collection of gametypes that are: Race, CTF, King of the Hill, Assault.

We will play in a double elimination tree. This means that once you lost your second time you are out of the tournament.

Each week the gametype changes. Every match consists out of two maps. The teams can choose the map they want to play from the lists under "Time Table". The other team gets color.
If there is a draw after two maps a third will be played. If there is still a draw after three maps the tournament admins will decide who won based on overall performance, like in boxing.

Tournament Tree:

The 5th week will only happen if the winner of the loser bracket wins over the winner of the winner bracket, since he only lost once so far and it's double elimination so you have to lose twice to be out.


All matches will be played sundays around 18:00 UK time. If a team doesn't have any players at that time they get a default loss.
If both teams agree on a date prior to sunday a match can be played in the week before that particular sunday but not after.
You have to report changed map dates to the admins asap before the match has been played and they have to give their consent.
When in doubt the tournament admins will decide who gets the default win.

rwtrace: 20 minutes, 10 laps (sum), classic weapon set
Maps: TLS Stronghold, Cliffhanger Final, High Low Race, Atephobia V2, Grove Final

rwtctf: 20 minutes, 10 caps like cbctf
Maps: timberland, sidewinder, danger canyon, bloodgulch, cliffhanger, Casualty Isle

rwtking: 20 minutes, 10min to win, static hill
Maps: Zanzibar_classic, No_remorse, timberland, bloodgulch

Week 4:
rwtassault: 20minutes, single_flag_force_reset, 2 minutes attack/defend
Maps: grove_final, nightcamp_ce, tls stronghold, timberland, sidewinder

Week 5:
rwtctf: 20 minutes, 10 caps like cbctf
Maps: timberland, sidewinder, danger canyon, bloodgulch, cliffhanger, Casualty Isle

Week 1 (40MB - zip)
Week 2 & 5 (15MB - zip)
Week 3 (45MB - zip)
Week 4 (30MB - zip)

RW Tournament Summer 2011 Complete Mappack (75MB - 7z)

Do's and Dont's

- Cheating of any kind, the only things you are allowed to use are the in-game settings, your config.txt and console commands. All 3rd party applications are banned. Exception: Increasing your FOV so you can play on a widescreen monitor and fixing the broken camo on nvidia cards is allowed.
- Bug using (e.g. locking vehicles so they don't respawn, traversing through walls, getting outside the map)
- ringing, this means letting another person play in your name
- fake nicks, you have to register under the name most people in Halo know you under
- using hogs inside of bases
- using vehicles in the tunnels of Danger Canyon
- adding a new member to your tournament team minutes before or even while the match is running
- rage quitting
- changing teams as long as your team is still in the tournament

- adding a player after the tournament did already start if the majority of the active tournament admins have given their approval. The new player can't play any matches in the next two days. You can only add a total of 2 new players to your team. They must be members of Realworld.
- changing players during a match as long as they are already part of your team
- changing to a different team after your team has lost two times and therefor doesn't participate in the tournament anymore
- killing in the race gametype


All matches will be played on servers in possession of the Realworld Tournament admins.
The server will running on version 1.09 and will be either based in London or Amsterdam.


The tournament admins with the help of others will try to record every game.


We will have 4 Teams.
Each team will have a leader and two captains. The leader can choose his two captains freely.

Then we will have the players sign up list.
Every player that wants to be part of this tournament must be on this list. If oyu are not on this list you are not allowed to play. So be sure to write a post in the players sign up thread here: viewtopic.php?f=64&t=2186

The leaders of the 4 teams take turns in choosing one member at a time from that list. This should give every team about 10 players.

Thats means if you sign up as a player in the sign up thread you have no influence what so ever for which team you will be playing.

Electing the team members
As soon as the 4th team has signed up and we have about 40 players we will close the signup phase.
Then each leader will elect one member for his team from the sign up list until all have 4 players total including the leader and his two captains.
Now the next player electing turn starts and the leaders will choose their 5th team member and so on until the complete sign up list is processed.

For this player election phase all 6 team leaders will meet in xfire and make their choices.

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