Unofficial ® Server Sessions
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Unofficial ® Server Sessions

Unofficial ® Server Sessions

Private Message, (PM) received:
Scythe ® wrote:
Given the Two good Unofficial Sessions, (Friday and Saturday) I'd like to suggest having more Unofficial Sessions on these days. Perhaps these evenings are more convenient to some old players. Of course the past Two Sessions alone don't mean much yet. Therefore, I'd like to suggest to have another Unofficial Session on Friday and/or Saturday to test the water.

However, ANY TIME Players are on a Server it actually IS an "Unofficial Session". :shocked:

All "Official Sessions" are simply "Known Times" when Players can be pretty certain to find other Players around to play on a Server. Really they are nothing more than that, but they do provide the function of providing "Consistent Times" which act as a kind of guarantee for Players.

So of course "Official Sessions" do help increase Player Numbers on a Server. :P

Realworlders Members may Post "Unofficial Session Notification" in the Forum Chatbox.
For example:

® XXXworld Server Unofficial Session 18:00 GMT :P etc.

Any such "Unofficial Event" should be clearly labelled: "Unofficial Session" no matter where ever it is Posted.

To answer the original suggestion:

Yes there well maybe some good response from "Advertising" more "Unofficial Sessions", (especially Friday/Saturday Evenings) but the REAL purpose of ANY Session is to encourage More Players to play Custom Maps. For Players to enjoy "Discovering" playing Custom Maps together and "Getting To Know" playing these Custom Maps as if they were just like playing "Additional Stock Maps". 8)

Since Xfire ceased no obvious universal mechanism to announce Official Sessions remains, but Players are still encouraged to create Unofficial Sessions as often as possible and use any legitimate methods at their disposal to attract Players to come. ;)

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