README: Keep Realworld Server Best Play Times Poll Accurate
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon May 03, 2010 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  README: Keep Realworld Server Best Play Times Poll Accurate

Please will ALL Realworld Server Players Make Sure YOU keep the Best Available Times to Play Poll Accurate.

In other Words:
If your Best Available Times to Regularly Play Play on Realworld Server Frequently Changes, then this should be reflected in the Poll Status :!:

Here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=862

Thanks 8)

What are your Preferred Playing Times on Realworld Server :?:

This is NOT ALL DAYS/TIMES that you CAN Play, but ONLY the PREFERRED TIMES you Play.
(It doesn't have to be just one Day/Time, (well not yet I hope) so pick as many times as you wish, but be realistic)

Once upon a time we could pretty much guarantee that enough Players, (8+) would show up on Realworld Server for a decent game no matter what Time or Day it was, but as this became less frequent, then at least we could still be sure of some definite Times enough Players would be sure to show up, for example Sunday PM (European Time), Monday Evening etc... I believe Players want to Play on Realworld Server, (since we have such a Strong Player Base) but what really Pisses Players off is an Empty Server, or being the only Player hanging around just in case another Player decides to show up.

I feel that the time has now come for us to say what are the Best Times for us to Play on Realworld Server, so we at least have a hope of getting some decent Games together. You don't have to just limit yourself to only these Times, or always show up at these Day/Times. The idea being so Players get a better indication of when other Players will normally be around to Play, and you are Free to change your Times. :P

Therefore I have created this Poll for you to indicate your preferred Playing Times on Realworld Server.

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