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Bc Clearing Ground Mp

April 30th, 2015


Author: Black Crypt / Crypt ®
Description: Bc Clearing Ground Mp is dedicated to ® Realworld Guild

It features spectacular scenery and views, and has a light airy feel to every twist and turn. Almost around every corner the Player is presented with a wonderful different vista.

The visual features alone of this incredible Custom Map are breathtaking; the jaw dropping cliff-edged drop, the beautiful waterfall cascading into a charming pool complete with swimming fish, the magnificent sky complete with birds flying in the distance, the old mine-workings, fossil remains, and the actual central clearing ground itself complete with aesthetically pleasing fruit trees dropping juicy blue plums to munch (which really are health packs) to the bases themselves with interesting architecture, alcoves and stairways up to the higher galleries. Crypt ® has created custom textures and found alternative solutions to solving many issues, including even the way the custom vehicles spawn.

Yet it’s all still Halo, unmistakably Halo.

Supports all Game Types

Map Size: Medium

Download [Size: 45.8M]

Zerohour H1.5

March 5th, 2015


Author: PwNytar
Description: A great map for 4v4 CTF.

Map Size: Small

Download [Size: 6.6M]

Downrush H1.5

March 5th, 2015


Author: PwNytar
Description: A map that has a layout based on Areowalk which was originally created for Quake 1.

Map Size: Small

Download [Size: 4.7M]

Bigass V2.104

December 16th, 2014


Author: aLTis
Description:A large asymmetrical human style map with a variety of vehicles and weapons. Supports all gametypes.

Map Size: Large

Download [Size: 63.8M]


December 16th, 2014


Author: Jobalisk
Description: This is the multiplayer map Guardian from Halo 3.

Map Size: Small

Download [Size: 20.4M]

Geomar Final

September 28th, 2014


Author: Higuy and Conscars
Description: A hydroelectric installation located on the shores of Lumoria.

Map Size: Large

Download [Size: 36.8M]


August 3rd, 2014


Author: 00indigo
Description: An abandoned missile silo.

Map Size: Small

Download [Size: 25.0M]

Aquarii Final

March 15th, 2014


Author: Higuy
Description: A luxurious underwater aquarium.

Map Size: Medium

Download [Size: 23.0M]


March 15th, 2014


Description: A Minecraft themed level with buildings and tunnels.

Map Size: Medium

Download [Size: 9.7M]


February 4th, 2014


Author: concombrerouge
Description: A small island chain.

Map Size: Medium

Download [Size: 10.6M]

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