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Map Requests

New maps (incl. Public Betas) always will be added immediately.

If you’re missing a map let us know and we’ll upload it unless it’s an AI or a Single Player Map. Just leave a comment here, thanks.

3 Responses to “Map Requests”

  1. [h3] imposing v2 Says:

    Sup! ^^
    Hey i Have recently downloaded this map called
    -[h3] Imposing v2
    And its totally Awesome!
    I would really appreciate if a server have it!
    Thanks for reading! 😀

  2. tylercc Says:

    Hey everybody I have downloaded
    This map called
    [h3] core
    yeak i like it and I thinks its cool so
    You can put it on a server pls!:D
    Thx for reading

  3. (SBB) Chief A.K.A. ChiefTain Says:

    This map by aLTis ‘bigass v2.072’ is an awesome map with new vehicles and weapons! I would really appreciate it if this was included in the Realworld servers.

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